11 Natural Hairstyles for Black Women to Try This Year

11 Natural Hairstyles for Black Women to Try This Year

Whether we accept it or not our hair is influenced by the race we belong to. Like for example women from the orient tend to have black and straight hair, people of Scandinavian origin tend to be blonder and African American women tend to have hair that is in tight curls. When we talk about hair from different races we are talking generally and not about exceptions. Here are some Natural Hairstyles for Black Women to Try This Year:

You will always hear women tell you they had different hair and would even go through the pain of having the hair treated to change the look. Often in the process they would end up damaging the hair and /or having to pay more to repeat the process. The hair that African American women are blessed with tends to frizz out naturally and this can be a good thing with the right styling. Here are some Natural Hairstyles for Black Women to Try This Year:

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

The simple boy’s cut: When a Black women’s hair is cut in a boy’s cut it tends to have its own special look as the hair will never look flat and this means it will frame the woman’s face quite well by standing out in its natural state.


Tiny braids up to neck length: With the right facial structure and a shapely head, braiding your hair and wearing them at neck length will make you look modern and cool. It will also solve the problem of having to detangle your hair.


Shoulder length hair held back with wide hair band: This is really simple and can be made to look elegant with the use of the right hair band. You can vary the breadth of the hair band to make the hairstyle look more serious or playful.


Longer hair pulled back in a ponytail: Since the hair is pulled back it will look smoother on top and the ponytail will fluff out at the back providing a nice frame for your face.


Shoulder length or longer hair worn in a French twist: This kind of hair style will add to your height, look cool and dignified and show off your neck.
Really short crew cut with short and tight curls closer to the scalp: If you have the cheekbones this haircut can really make you look very good.


Braided hair pulled back in a ponytail: You can make good use of your braids by pulling them back in a low ponytail for a cooler and more laidback vibe


Hair side swept and pinned up: Another easy way to style your hair is combing all the hair to one side, leaving the other side smooth to pin it .


Shoulder length curls pinned on both sides: This looks and feels cooler  when you part your hair in the middle and pin the hair on the side of your head with a simple or ornate pin on each side of your head.  You can experiment with where your pin your hair on your head to come up with a lot of variations.


Braided plait: When you have longer hair that you have had braided, you can take this a step further by plaiting the braids loosely starting low and then tying the ends with a scrunchy.


Shorter hair worn as a ponytail on top of the head: Depending on the length of the hair the hair style will look really full on top and keep you cool as well


Wild curls flowing to below shoulder length: This can look really good when the hair is slightly softened with a good conditioner and made to lie closer to the head on top and left to become wilder at the bottom.


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