Latest Hairstyles For Men: 2013 Edition

June 10th, 2013

Latest Hairstyles For Men: 2013 Edition

Over the years men have always taken their hairstyles very lightly going for something recommended by friends or the barber. It is no way like women who tend to give a lot of importance to the way hair is done. But now even men are perking up and taking an interest in the way their hair is styled. We could say it is high time they did that. With this trend and more interest shown by men many new styles have emerged.

Here are some that you could look at:
Crew cut: This is a classic and works well for men who tend to have chiseled looks. It is cool and can work if the man in question has a good jaw line or else it can really accentuate the fleshiness of the face.

Medium cut: Hair styled in medium length with a side part is conservative and looks really good with formal wear. The hair can be washed to give it a springy look or slicked back with gel to achieve a severely sexy look. This can work on men of most ages and with different kinds of face shapes.

Long hair cut in waves: This is a look that not all men can pull off. Plus it is a hairstyle that tends to need a lot of maintenance. But with the right kind of cheekbones this cut looks stunning. What is more during the hotter days of the year, you can pull it back into a cool looking low pony tail. May not always be suitable for the more conservative workplaces.

Razor cut: This is more of new age look and works better with younger men who tend to be more aggressively casual in their way of dressing. With a subtle hint of stubble artfully grown it can give a man a bad boy look.

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