65 Funny Wedding Anniversary Poems

August 21st, 2014

65 Funny Wedding Anniversary Poems

They say that when it comes to marriages, a sense of humor is really an essential as it a journey so full of ups and downs that an ability to laugh can really smooth things over and these Funny Wedding Anniversary Poems will give you a good reason to laugh. That being said, most couples would agree that the occasion of an anniversary is a time when each partner in the marriage has an entirely different expectation from the other, which then leads to clashes and fights. Taking the humorous route in such cases would be one way of making sure that things are on the level.

But one must always temper a sense of humor with a sense of what the other person likes, remove all signs of spite and add a dash of affection. If you do not do this then you will find yourself regretting your attempts at humor. Plus there is another thing – not everyone who has a sense of humor has the knack for putting together words that express what they want to say.

In such cases there is no shame in taking help or in this case borrowing from elsewhere. Namely a source that has gone to the effort of collecting a lot of poems that can then be used effectively as the situation warrants. You will find that when everyone is able to share a good laugh the overall feeling is one of affection and warmth. Who does not want that in a marriage?

Weddings are a mix of the fun, the funny and emotional. Once you are in the middle of a wedding and learn something about the wedding speech order, you will realize that each anniversary will also have all these elements. That is why many anniversary quotes are full of fun and humor. One such funny anniversary quote or poem that has gained its own place in the hall of fame where the husband says “I am the lord of the house, nobody shall hold any grouse. I am the master of my life and to say this I have permission from my wife!”



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One thing that we would request you to do before going ahead and using these poems is to make sure that your spouse shares your sense of humor and also that you also do end up inadvertently end up hurting them, which is the last thing you want to do. Even if you are not going to use most of these we can guarantee that you will enjoy reading them.

Funny Wedding Anniversary Poems

  • I’ll Go On Wrinkling
    I know that you love me,
    And I love you, too.
    And nothing in life
    Is as straight or as true.
    Today may be special –
    A mark for the year.
    But living each day
    Is a gift
    That is clear.
    So I’ll go on wrinkling
    And you go on graying –
    So long as “I love you!”
    Is what we are saying.
  • Happy 10th Anniversary!Happy Anniversary. It’s been ten years — you’ve made it! You’ve stuck it out. You held on tight. You’re not the least bit jaded. Happy Anniversary. You’re now at number ten. So stick it out for ten more years; I’ll send a poem again.
  • Happy 20th Anniversary Our marriage reached a growing point – We’ve racked up twenty years. And now it’s time to celebrate with wine (or several beers). It’s time to settle back a while, enjoy the peace we’ve earned. (Because if we don’t celebrate our friends will be concerned!) Happy Anniversary!
  • 30th Wedding Anniversary Feeling happy, feeling flirty. Our old marriage just turned thirty. Thirty years, and decades? Three. It’s been a married living spree! Let’s pop champagne or sip some wine. Let’s celebrate; we’re feeling fine. Feeling young, feeling sturdy.Our old marriage just turn thirty!
  • 40th Wedding Anniversary Forty years? It sounds so gruesome. Can’t believe we’re still a twosome. Still a wild dynamic duo. It’s more fun when there are two-0. Two to laugh and two to dance. Two who still recall romance. Two who feel forever carried. Two who feel like newly married!
  • 50th Wedding Anniversary Our marriage,middle aged and thrifty, Had a milestone,turning fifty. Fifty years of sharing bed, of sharing kids, and life. Instead of looking back to see the score, let’s look ahead to fifty more!
  • My Wife My wife is not a ball and chain
    Who looks for ways to make me pain
    My wife is not gold-digging money
    And telling me my clothes looks funny
  • My wife is not a cow or witch
    She never is a total … ditz
    She doesn’t mind I like cars
    (Knows I’m from Venus, or was it Mars?)
  • She knows I only like to leer
    When I see a peachy rear
    She doesn’t mind, well not too much
    Because I look but never touch
  • No…my wife is truly my best friend
    I don’t think she can comprehend
    How glad I am she’s in my life
    My heart, my love, my precious wife
  • So on this anniversary
    (And this comes from the heart of me)
    I love you dear and never fear
    I only love your peachy rear