30 Father Daughter Wedding Songs For Dance

30 Father Daughter Wedding Songs For Dance

If you finding some Popular Father Daughter Wedding Songs For Dance On then you are at right place. We all know that the bond between a father and a daughter is very special. The father is the first man in a daughter’s life and tends in most cases to hold the special place for the rest of his life. Likewise a cute and tender daughter holds the heart of even the toughest father in the palm of her hand. The father will do anything to make his little angel (that is what most fathers consider their daughters) smile and the daughter knows this.

Ask any woman about the kind of husband she wants and she will describe a man who sounds just like her father, her first hero (that is what most fathers are to their daughters). Is it any wonder that most fathers consider that the man that his daughter is marrying is not good enough for her? He knows that he should be happy that she has found her life partner and he is but still a corner of his heart will ache over the fact that his tender darling has another man in her life.

That is when a girl gets married; her father tends to be the one who is the most affected. Some fathers may be stoic and try to be cool and calm but dig a little beneath the surface and you will find a cauldron of emotions. There is happiness, that goes without saying, apprehension about whether the new man in her life will take care of her as she deserves, hope  that his precious daughter has found the right mate and a tinge of regret that he is not the only man in her life.

That is why there is such a big ado about the Father Daughter Wedding Songs For Dance. It is a way for the daughter to reassure her father that she still loves him and no matter what happens, he will always be her hero. It is an opportunity for the father to let his daughter know that he will always be there for her and he loves her for all time.

Sounds like a lot to be expressed in a dance, but the dance is just symbolic of this precious bond of father and daughter. It is an occasion of mixed feelings and thereby much care and thought is given to picking the right song. After it is the father watching the transition of a young lady from being a daughter to being a wife and hopefully taking the first steps in the journey to motherhood.

Since the moment is pregnant with such emotions some may prefer to go with a song that is in a lighter vein but in most cases the choice of song is done with care to reflect the magnitude of this notable occasion. We have listed out a few choices, but if you wish you may go for some other song, one that reflects the special father – daughter relationship you have.

Father Daughter Wedding Songs For Dance

Tom Petty – “Wildflowers”

Bruce Springsteen – “When You Need Me”

Wilco – “My Darling”

Ben Folds – “Gracie”

Natalie Merchant – “Kind and Generous”

Loudon Wainwright – “Daughter”

The Temptations – “My Girl”

Ray Charles – “Ain’t That Love”

Paul Simon – “Father and Daughter”

Stevie Wonder – “Isn’t She Lovely”

Nancy Sinatra – “It’s For My Dad”

Lulu – “To Sir With Love”

Heartland – “I Loved Her First”

Rascal Flatts – “My Wish”

Beyonce – “Daddy”

Bob Marley – “Three Little Birds”

Frank Sinatra – “I Wish You Love”

Billy Joel – “Just the Way You Are”

Michael Buble – “Daddy’s Little Girl”

Edwin McCain – “Walk With You”