60 Lovely 25th Wedding Anniversary Quotes and Wishes

December 21st, 2017

60 Lovely 25th Wedding Anniversary Quotes and Wishes

The silver celebrations is here and I am sure you are feeling as joyous as I am feeling to share with you the lovely 25th Wedding Anniversary Quotes and ideas to make it extra special. Remember how many sacrifices the two of you has made in your entire life just for the sake of each other smile and for family? You do deserve a big bash on this big BIG day of your life. So, have you thought about a gift for your spouse? Thinking of writing a short poetry just for him would be great idea though! And some romantic, unique and onerous celebration that this day deserves? Well, well! What are we here for – just to help you out and make this yet another milestone; the silver jubilee moment of happiness and love.
One thing that will move your husband more than an expensive gift or an extravagant party is a few sweet and warm words that will tell him what you feel. Some of the things that you should include in the wishes that you write or convey to your spouse are mentioned below.When you are picking out quotes to express the way you feel about your husband to him, ensure that these quotes are something that will mesh with his personality, sense of humor and your circle of family and friends.

The Silver Rave-Up

Since, the 25th anniversary is the silver Jubilee celebration, how about everything be silver at the bash. Right from packing gifts to the decor theme would be silver. And if you could add a few centerpieces to add a touch of whimsical themed inspiration, then there is no reason to not do so.

Bon Voyage!

Either the place where the two of you were met and fell for each other or some adventurous travel destination you always dreamed of. Get all dirty with your partner and thoughtful too. And guess what; “what happens in Corsica, stays in Corsica” is going to double up your fun and romance as you complete your 25 years of togetherness. A second honeymoon is never really a bad idea if at all you are all planned to make it one for your spouse.

Way to Heart – FOOD!

Well, that’s too much for the cleping food as the doorway to heart but somewhere deep down we all feel that it just true. No love story is complete without food and the story’s a bit heightened if you and your partner are an avid foodie. Either keep a well-planned dinner out where the two of you eat a lot of your favorite junks (How about having a food competition; adding up to the fun element). OR maybe a secret dinner date for your spouse and ordering that they love to eat. (dress pretty and look sexy please!)

Renew your Vows

Love – Love so deep and hard; love in a way that everyone would take inspiration from you; love beyond every horizon and break all the rules the world has set. 25 years walking hand in hand matching footsteps and pace with your partner in life (and crime), you may have certain moments in life that made you feeling like adding up to your vows and make a few more promises to strengthen your relationship. You can do this on the secret destination trip that you plan your vacation at or gather a few close friends and relatives to make promises. And when promises are renewed, why not exchange new wedding rings?

A Secret Photo Shoot

Boudoir photography and shoot is quite in trend these days and if, at all, you feel the romance in your married life going down and erotic desires getting missed, then a secret boudoir photo shoot is a must do. Indeed, the secret photo shoot means you hire a photographer and have a photo shoot and get a super-sexy boudoir picture album. Or how about you plan a little amorous photo session with him?

DIYs are Love

I feel so happy to tell you that Pinterest in loaded with innumerable DIY crafts and gifts ideas one would have fun making for their partners. After all, buy something and they call it material but make something and they call it love.

25th Wedding Anniversary Quotes

  1. Twenty-five years together is the quarter of a century and for us, it is more than a lifetime of marriage because we met and married in our early twenties. The past twenty-five years have been many things; fun, exciting, tiring, scary and much more, but one thing it has never been boring.
  2. Coming together of two people who decide that their life would be better for being together is what marriage is all about. However, at our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, I can truly say that not only did we make a commitment, but we worked at it. Marriage is not for everyone but when you mean what you promise each other, even twenty-five years can pass very quickly indeed. I am happy to say that we have many more years together.
  3. A quarter of a century for most people would be a very long time but for a couple who has lived through these years, it may seem like an adventure indeed. It has been a rollercoaster ride and a fun one indeed and I look forward to the years to come but with the hope that they are much calmer.
  4. The anniversary by definition is the completion of a year marked by the day when the event occurred. And by that definition, our twenty-five year anniversary marks the end of the quarter of a century. Depending on the quality of time spent together, it can be heaven or hell. But in our case, I would say it has been a bit of both. Anybody who says otherwise is incredibly calm and boring or is lying. But before you think that we are not enjoying being together, I would like to say I am looking forward to spending the decades to come with the love of my life.
  5. The celebration of a marriage that has lasted for more than twenty-five years should always be bigger than the wedding because it is the celebration of the success of decision that two people have taken to spend their life together. Let us drink a toast to that.
  6. Silver wedding anniversary does not seem a fitting enough name for a marriage that has been successful and flourishing for the past years. However, I am sure that we will not even find the golden anniversary a fitting one for the fiftieth anniversary because our time together will always be more precious than all these precious metals.
  7. It is something of a testament to the success of wedding when the couple in question is publicly acknowledging their love for each other twenty-five years after they made the decision to be together.
  8. We dine together, we banter, we take care of everyone around, we compromise on many things and put a happy face because it makes us happy to be together on this day when we complete twenty-five years together.
  9. What can one say about a marriage that has managed to make us smile just thinking of each other? It is good but a lot of work but completely worth it!
  10. Together we have always been stronger, made more sense and felt more complete than when we were apart. It can say a lot for a marriage that has lasted for twenty-five years when your eyes seek each other across the room when there is laughter to be shared.

25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

  1. Eyes meet, lips meet and bodies meet but what makes a marriage work is when you learn to laugh and cry together in a cocoon of love, laughter and affection.
  2. Twenty-five years of a fun time where there is honesty, physical attraction, genuine affection and healthy understanding can feel like twenty-five days. Which is what every couple to strive to attain?
  3. Anything less than a toast to the success of a marriage that lasted more than twenty-five years that talks about the wonder of this couple would not be enough. It would be important to point out that they are together because they want to be not because they have to.
  4. When you are in a marriage that has lasted so long, you know that it is wrong to expect that each day would be a celebration. However, if you are able to think of one good thing that happened each day, then you are on the way to becoming a successful couple.
  5. Lower your unrealistic expectations, increase your patient quotient, enlarge your affectionate side, become more trusting and open and you can be sure to have a long and happy marriage. Happy twenty-fifth anniversary to the couple who had done that with love and fun.
  6. The completion of each marriage anniversary can either be a pleasant anticipation for a couple or a sigh of relief. In your case, I can say it has been both and that too for the last twenty-five years.
  7. What makes a marriage work? This is not a question that can be answered even by those who have had twenty-five years to find out. It is only when you live in one that you realize that it depends on you as to what you make of it.
  8. They say that marriages become successful when you and I become a family and stop thinking beyond the self. I am happy to say that it is exactly what we have been doing for the past twenty-five years and will be doing in the years to come.
  9. The key to marriage becoming a success depends on how much ego each couple will let go to make the other happy. The sense of self can become an impediment and I am glad that for the past twenty-five years we have stopped that from happening.
  10. The days can fly, weeks can feel like moments, months can meld into each other and years seem to be passing like cars on the highway. If you ask me how it went, I must say that my marriage has been a great ride and I am sure there are a lot of adventurous roads ahead of us.


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