60 Hairstyles For Boys with Long Hair

June 10th, 2013

60 Hairstyles For Boys with Long Hair

Here are some attractive Hairstyles For Boys with Long Hair. When you are a man who loves to keep his hair long, you will find that there are many ways in which you can style your hair. Just think about it, you can style it with gel and make a sleek and stylish ponytail or leave it loose. If you are in the mood for it a Mohawk is also possibility. Just slick it with gel and lots of hairspray to ensure that that you can make this work. Done right it will stick out like it is supposed to.You can also go for the simple but always evergreen classic style. This means you just let the hair fall around on to your shoulders. Of course this would mean that you spend a lot of time through out the day to ensure that it looks just right. This means running a brush through it and make sure that there are no tangles to spoil the look. If you are feeling the strain of leaving it loose, you may always pull it back into a cool and low lying ponytail. All the better to show your features off.

You can also go the bobbed hair route. This means the hair will frame your face to give it a rugged look. The ends of the hair can be kept at various lengths. One of the most sought after cuts is called the mullet. In this style the top is short and the bottom portion of hair is longer. To style this look and make it really work, you can use a little bit of hairspray or even gel. Make sure it is applied to roots to create volume.

When you are considering a hairstyle that is on the longer side, you also have to consider that you will have to spend some time making sure it looks good.