50 Lovely Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Husband

April 23rd, 2016

50 Lovely Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Husband

The Wedding Anniversary is an occasion that couples look forward to. This is the day that couples relive the day they met, the day they got married and exchange gifts along with sweet sentiments. If the happy couple happen to have children, then they too pitch in to wish their parents a happy anniversary.

One thing that will move your husband more than an expensive gift or an extravagant party is a few sweet and warm words that will tell him what you feel. Some of the things that you should include in the wishes that you write or convey to your spouse, are:

  • For me each of the years that we have been together is like opening one layer of gift wrapping and discovering something delightful beneath. Cannot wait to get to the core of it. Happy anniversary. [READCelebrities Who Were Teenage Mothers]
  • We met, we loved, we fought and we made up… all this has been amazing. On this anniversary let us start the whole process again; it has been so much fun.  [READHot Pictures of Kristen Stewart Wearing … SE><Y]
  • When I saw you for the first time I started believing in forever, now that we are together I want to believe in eternity
  • Darling you put the Sun in my Sunday and each day with you feels bright and full of light
  • Hope we never are apart, but if we are , you will always be in my heart
  • Every minute with you is so sweet that I pray God that he protects me from Diabetes
  • If love like ours could be bottled, then we would make a fortune selling it to those less fortunate

When you are picking out quotes to express the way you feel about your husband to him, ensure that these quotes are something that will mesh with his personality, sense of humor and your circle of family and friends.

Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Husband

  • I never thought we would make it so far, but I am grateful that we did
  • Marriage does not work on a formula, it is actually to each couple their own
  • A lifetime together is not enough for us as we always find things to argue about….
  • In case I forget, thank you for walking into my life and forgetting to walk away
  • Glasses have broken, furniture was scratched but our marriage survived because love was never lost
  • They say that couples that fight stay together; this means that we are never going to be parted
  • If I could ask for a gift on our anniversary, it would be that we both enjoy good health in the years to come
  • I learned from my parents about how a good couple behaves and on our anniversary hope that our kids do the same
  • We know that we love each other as we begin our day with a smile and try not to end it ever with a frown
  • Marriages can be heaven or hell but ours has been fun, adventurous and really earthy
  • I think of our marriage as a teabag that is to say the longer you steep in hot water, the stronger it can be!
  • Where weddings end, marriages begin and ours continues to grow like a weed – strong, rampant and without control
  • A day in our lives has everything – laughter, tears, anger, love, compassion and passion. This is what makes our marriage tick
  • I am glad we have made it so far and I am sure we will go far as we have loved this journey that we took together years before
  • An anniversary reminds us that our marriage made it so far because it is strong, good and worth fighting for

A wedding anniversary is a date that is very special for couples as it is not only the date that they made their commitment to each other public, but it is also a milestone of another successful year together. There are so many ways of celebrating this publicly by having a party but on a private level, the couple would need some wedding anniversary messages that they can use to express the way they feel about each other. There are many wedding anniversary quotes for husband that a wife can use to tell him what she feels for him. The same way the husband can also show his commitment to his wife and the marriage by finding some apt marriage anniversary quotes that he can write in a card or send as a message to her. We are sure that whichever partner in the marriage gets these wedding anniversary messages, will feel loved and very special.

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