35 Stylish Handmade Bangles to Make You Stay Cool

June 11th, 2013

35 Stylish Handmade Bangles to Make You Stay Cool

The new trend that has swept the adorable and fascinating world of bling is that of jewelry that is handmade and that too at home. Coming to think of it, the trend makes sense. You will find that teenagers love doing this sort of stuff and it also has the advantage of being one of a kind. What is more matching up your dress with accessories becomes a breeze.What is more it works out to be cheaper than buying it outside. Imagine being able to sport a completely unique look where you have a matching set of ring, chains, bangles and earrings that nobody else has.

In this article we will take you through the process of creating bangles at home by simply embellishing a plain looking one to make it pretty.

You need:

  • Bangles (preferably plain)
  • Glue for sticking
  • Butter paper in different colors
  • Beads
  • Glitter and spangles

Stick together four bangles with the help of gum or glue and then measure out and cut butter paper as per the size required for the four bangles. Slather glue on to the reverse side of butter paper and stick it to cover the four bangles that have been joined together.

Once the glue dries trace out patterns that you want using a pencil. Stick on beads on to these drawings. You can also wing it without drawing first if you are confident about what you are doing. Then carefully stick spangles on to the bead flowers. The final touch is applying glitter to the bangles. At each stage ensure that it is totally dried.

Simply use the butter paper of the color you want the bangle to be to get different colored ones. You can add the beads based on the patterns on your dress to get a completely matched accessory. You will find that these bangles are fun to wear and also make great presents to friends and family. Here are some examples to inspire you and help you design some Handmade Bangles for you.


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