35 Amazing Embroidered Jewelry Sets to try this Year

June 11th, 2013

35 Amazing Embroidered Jewelry Sets to try this Year

The act of decorating fabric with stitching designs on it goes back to the past. In fact there have been references to this in the old testament and the existence of this art has been confirmed with embroidered clothes being discovered with mummies as far back as the 15th century though some of the best work came from England.Throughout history you can see many examples of embroidery work scattered in various places with several unique examples like the Syon Cope that was produced in the 13th Century, the Bayeux Tapestry which chronicled the Norman Conquest. There is huge variety of stitches used in the process of embroidery. Each one brings a different look to the finished work. Some of the stitches include stem, cross, satin and button hole stitches. Another form of embroidery is Applique work which uses different materials having many designs which are then stitched on to a cloth to form a stunning pattern.

From the ancient civilizations to the most modern, the art of embroidery to embellish plain cloth has been a much coveted art. Not only is embroidery used in garments but also to create exquisite works of art. In Greece even statues were decorated with tunics that had embroidery on them. With the art of embroidery catching on the elite class would have the costliest and most delicate of silks embellished with golden and silver threads. It became a matter of pride among the rich to wear clothes that had exquisite embroidery works on them.

In the 18th century you can see the way garments of both the genders were decorated and made to look better with embroidery. Soon the influence of the east started the use of piece of glass among the thread work and this soon translated to the use of pretty and semi- precious stones being used in embroidery. Modern embroidery work is done by machines and hand with the use of plastic and paste accessories to add a touch of glamour.

Embroidered Jewelry is also one of the form in this interest. Peoples with ultimate hand skills can make you an awesome piece of Embroidered Jewelry in hours. These kind of items are not so much popular that’s why unique. Here we are recommending some Amazing Embroidered Jewelry Sets to try this Year.

Bead Embroidered Necklace

 bib necklace embroidery jewelry

 Vintage Roses hand embroidery jewelry

Bead embroidered brooch

Minty green polymer clay pendant

Red Roses embroidery jewelry

Embroidered lace necklac

Collar Necklace Flowers Embroidered

Blue Silk Ribbon Brooch

Shabby Pink Butterfly hand embroidery

 Ethnic Miao embroidery

Bead Embroidery

 Romantic Lace Jewelry

 Embroidery Smile Pendant

 Embroidery beaded rhinestone ribbon

 Bead embroidery

 Astral pink jewelry set

 Bead Embroidery ring

 Silk Ribbon Embroidery

 Rose-macaron purse

 Southeast Embroidery

Indira- Necklace

 Toho beads and copper

 Crochet Diamond Lace

Woven embroidery floss

 Heart Felt Brooch

 Needlework necklace 

 Orange Calcite

 Polymer Clay Applique

 Peacock and Bead Embroidery

 Antique gold Southeast ring


 Standing Lace Embroidery

 Caravan embroidered brooch

 Antique Copper Locket Pendant