30 Attractive Bun Jewelry to make you Look Gorgeous

June 11th, 2013

30 Attractive Bun Jewelry to make you Look Gorgeous

After having a great response on Cute Bun Hairstyles For Brides we decided to explore in the interest. So, what about some Amazing Bun Jewelry designs?Getting a high bun is the hairdo that has really caught on. The style is simple, elegant and can be worn on almost any outfits. It is cute, neat and non fussy. This really versatile hairstyle can be worn up to make a short neck longer or lower on the nape of the neck to shorten a really long neck.

The thing is people with all kinds of hair can try this out. If you have short hair that can be tied in a ponytail, then you can put it up in a bun. Smooth and straight hair looks elegant in a bun that also looks cool and smooth. Wavy hair can also be easily put up in a bun giving it an artfully messy look with a few wisps softening the face. As far as curly hair goes, a bun is the way to tame all the wild mass of hair and make it look neat. If you have a weave or braids, even then a bun is one hairstyle that looks really good and is easy to do.

Plus with bun hairstyles the hairdo can be done with micro braids, box braids, pencil braids and ghana braids. This hairstyle lends itself to be done quite speedily. You can also work at creating a bun with bangs. In fact this looks as cute on adults as it does on kids.

Sometimes when the weather is hot and humid outside, the bun is one hairstyle that will let you retain a calm and cool demeanor. You can rock this hairstyle in any outfit. It works as well with a formal gown or official suit as it does with Jeans and shorts. Learn the basics of how to do it and then you can simply pull your hair back in a bun. With practice it is easy and quick.

If you want to add some extra charm to your Bun then adding some attractive jewelry could be a great idea. If you are not sure how it will look on you, then check out the gallery below. It features some of the best and creative examples of Bun Jewelry.