10+ Perfect Wedding Color Schemes and Combinations

June 10th, 2013

10+ Perfect Wedding Color Schemes and Combinations

Picking out the Wedding Color Schemes and Combinations that you want for your wedding is a big step and it is one that will ensure that many things connected with it are automatically resolved. You can simply use the color scheme that you have picked up and coordinate with many things like the cake for your wedding, the decorations, the floral arrangements and even the dresses for bridesmaids. So you need to get cracking on the color or color palette you want for your wedding.First thing you need to do is pick the basic or main color. A starting point for this could be your dress. Based on the dress, pick a color theme that either beautifully works or contrasts. Since most bridal outfits tend to veer towards white, cream or ivory, you have a lot of colors to pick from since these can work with almost anything.It has been observed in the recent past that colors are becoming more striking and bold. Brides are moving away from the safe and conservative combinations and moving on to more of the experimental and creative colors. When you are picking out the colors you want, just make sure that the visual impact is good and does not jar. Otherwise it will create an undesirable look for the entire wedding ceremony.

For example if you are going for an art deco theme, then the colors that will work are the simple white, silver and black. For a winter theme the colors will have to gray, black and white. You can seek the help of the photographer to understand what will work and what will not. Also go through the internet and bridal magazines to get an idea. If you are working with a professional wedding planner, then your job becomes much easier. Or another method to work the color scheme is to arrange the colors you want in permutations and combinations to look at them and tweak them to get the effect you want. Here we are sharing some of our findings about the topic to help you and guide you to select the right Wedding Color Schemes and Combinations.


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