The Numerous Plastic Surgeries Of Michael Jackson: Secrets Behind the King of Pop

June 11th, 2013

The Numerous Plastic Surgeries Of Michael Jackson: Secrets Behind the King of Pop

Jackson has been performing in front of an audience from a very early age. It is believed that he started performing from the age of 5. Any performer who gets up in front of an audience would always be careful of their looks. This meant that they would invest time and efforts to keep up with a good appearance. But with Michael it went beyond mere care or concern.

This meant that this superb singer and performer subjected himself to numerous surgeries and that too on his face. In fact the gossips had a gala time discussing and speculating about all the plastic surgery and procedures that Michael Jackson had undergone. His face was the subject of so much discussion across the globe. He stood out as an example of both the success and the failure of plastic surgery.

As with any star with a public life, Michael too had his coterie of less than efficient managers, agents and in his case doctors. It all started with the success of the album “Thriller”. That was when Michael went under the knife for surgery on his nose. He was trying to modify his Negroid looking nose to a more Caucasian version. Though people did notice the change, not much was made of this. In those days the story was not given that much importance.

In the early 80s Jackson went in for more work. This time the changes were done to alter his nose and his brows. They were slanted to make him look more Caucasian. Now the gossips were discussing all these changes avidly.

Some more years passed, he started attempting to modify his face even more. This time it was not such a small change. He changed his charmingly dark hued skin to a much paler and lighter white. This made his skin look almost lifeless. From a dashing African American guy, he became a paler and rather ghostly looking man. Apart from the dramatic change in skin color he also looked and seemed more effeminate.

This change did not go down well with the public. He tried to make the look work for him and with his audience by doing some more procedures. The public was told that he was ingesting female hormones to improve his looks and make his voice sound younger. The result of all these procedures and random consumption of medication had an adverse effect on his overall health.

It was said that some medications and Ultra Violet Ray techniques had been repeated applied by him to change his look and iron out some flaws. With time he tended to become quite obsessed with his looks and tended to go for treatments that were not quite safe. In fact its is rumored that he was treated by people who did neither have the requisite qualification nor the skill to do the treatments.

He was surrounded by people of questionable character who pandered to his ego without much consideration to his health. As per reports frequent work on his nose which involved several procedures had really affected him badly. According to reports there was not much left of his nose by the time all the procedures were done. Moreover his face had been cut to enable him to have a wider smile. His face had lost most of the natural charm by the time all these procedures were carried out. He resorted to heavy cover up and much makeup to ensure that he looked normal to a certain extent.

Today, this star who sang for us, danced for us and performed for us is no longer alive. We will never know what drove Michael to get as much plastic surgery as he did. But we can learn a lesson and learn that even something as good as medical technology can do us harm when used in excess.