40 Hot Pictures of Kristen Stewart Wearing Astounding Outfits

March 10th, 2015

40 Hot Pictures of Kristen Stewart Wearing Astounding Outfits

Kristen Stewart known the most for her role of Bella Swann, in the Twilight series, is a beautiful girl with the best and most appealing mix of girl- woman. This is a combination that most men find irresistible and who can blame them? Here is a list of some of the outfits that she wore:

  • Kristen in a lacy outfit: Lace is an intriguing material that shows interesting peeks of flesh. To wear lace you need to have the all important balance of innocent face with a great body. Kristen carries this outfit with ease. Marked by her inimitable style this black outfit makes her look ravishing.
  • Kristen in jeans: This is the look and outfit we remember her most in. An almost student like attire that when overdone can make a girl look tomboyish. Kristen manages this outfit without making it look boyish in any way while still appearing totally student like.
  • Kristen in evening gown: An evening gown is a must for any actress who works in Hollywood. But there is nothing staid or boring about this outfit. You can work at different styles and make it your own. Kristen in an evening dress definitely does that
  • Kristen in a short dress: This is a cutesy short dress cut almost straight with pockets that you can tuck your hands into. Mostly worn by little girls or young women who can make this look good on them. Not many can carry off this look but Kristen does and does it well. With her loose hair and lovely face, the outfit looks custom made for her.
  • Kristen in leather pants: Innocent face combined with a naughty leather pants. What more can you ask for? Does Kristen have the looks for it? Yes and she carries it off with Panache!


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