40 Excellent Pictures of Women Wearing Rings

June 11th, 2013

40 Excellent Pictures of Women Wearing Rings

We all know that women have a love for all things that glitter and jewelry tops the list. More than clothes or shoes or even makeup, jewelry is a true reflection of the inner female. Of course the jewelry you wear must work well with both the clothes you wear and the occasion you wear it for or else you may be in for some criticism.

A woman wearing jewelry wears it not only for her satisfaction but also to grab some attention from others. It is a fact whether one admits it or not. Rings for the finger are among the most preferred bit of jewelry among the ladies. A finger ring is not a simple item that you wear; it depends on the kind you wear and the occasion that you wear it for:

  • Formal: These are the more staid occasions where you will be dressed in clothes that are cut severely and the colors are muted. For such occasions you are better off wearing rings that are plain and non fussy.
  • Casual: An evening of shopping or going out for a coffee or going to the movies means pair of jeans or a comfortable skirt with top would do. Go for rings with flowers and big stones etc.
  • Dressy: These are special occasions like going for that date or dinner with your boyfriend’s friends. You will dress well and with care, making sure that you are wearing the colors that suit you and a dress that makes you look gorgeous. Rings with stones that match your dress and add some style are the way to go.
  • Party or occasion: This could be a party with friends or a wedding that you attend. In terms of dress as well as finger rings it is time to bring out the big guns. Go showy and flashy while ensuring everything works well together.
Here are some Excellent Pictures of Women Wearing Rings: