35 Beautiful Flower Crown Designs and Types

June 11th, 2013

35 Beautiful Flower Crown Designs and Types

Flowers have been used as embellishments for many an outfit in many creative ways over time. One of them being the tradition of weaving flower into a garland and then converting it to a crown to be worn on the forehead is part of many cultures. Flowers and floral decorations are part of festivities and have been used to appreciate and honor important people.The idea of using flower crowns to decorate can spark of many ideas. You could look at the past in which several occasions had people decorated with flower crowns:

The Crowning Mary: In the month of May, the Madonna is decorated with a crown of flowers on the statue of Mary. This can be used to celebrate such occasions with a crown of colorful flowers on the head.

Wedding crowns: Decorating the head of the bride with crowns made of flowers has been part of past traditions. Nowadays the same tradition is followed by flower girls. Symbolically the use of lilies on the crown is supposed to represent purity, wealth, joy and a good marital life.

Celebratory crowns: In the ancient Roman and Greek culture flower crowns were used to commemorate notable achievements and celebratory occasions. These used to include weddings and other occasions.

Lei: When you think of Hawaii, one of the principal images that flash into your mind, is how they use the lei (garlands of flowers) to welcome visitors. These are put around the neck. Traditionally no wedding or ceremony would be complete without the main people wearing the lei.

May Day: On this occasion the use of flowers is quite dominant. The person who is chosen as the May queen is crowned with flowers. Flowers and the May day celebrations have their roots in the fertility rituals of the past.

Here are some of the most Beautiful Flower Crown Designs: