35 Beautiful Designs of Bridal Wedding Gowns

June 11th, 2013

35 Beautiful Designs of Bridal Wedding Gowns

Normally a wedding gown is something that you buy once in your life time (hopefully!). This means the quest for the dress that will match the stuff of your dreams and will make you look great is a really detailed and difficult one. Brides-to-be drive themselves crazy looking for the right wedding dress in the right style that will suit them too!One of the best ways to get a wedding dress that is one-of-a-kind is to go for the vintage ones. Nowadays the old style wedding dresses and even general clothing has become a hot trend. The best part of digging into the past is you can find a style that will flatter your body shape. People in the past, especially in the 50s really liked a “womanly” figure on a girl, so the designs will be more towards that sort of shape. It was also the era where the fashions were very feminine and rather romantic.

The fashions then were very clever, letting even an average woman play up on her femininity and add glamor to her figure. The choice of skirts ranged from the really full skirt (which had the advantage of making your waist look tiny), the A-line skirts (for that smart and tailored look) and the pencil cut skirts. The wedding dresses of the 50s borrowed from all those features to make gowns that were the stuff dreams were made of.

If a delicate, ultra feminine and elegant look is what you are aiming for on that special day, then the vintage wedding dresses of the 50s is definitely the style for you. You may have to do some research and put in all efforts to find one. Visiting sites that feature such sales would be a good starting point.


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