25 Various Looks of Katy Perry

June 11th, 2013

25 Various Looks of Katy Perry

This California born actress, singer and performer is a girl who knows how to make the most of her looks. Any occasion and she has the right outfit for it. Let us take a look at some of the looks she has sported with great style:

Katy Perry in her capris: Capris are outfits that many normal women with an Okay figure can carry, but Katy Perry in her flowered Capris makes it looks so easy. She manages to look cool, casual, comfortable and attractive all at the same time.

Katy Perry in tights: Tights and that too ones with some sort of design on them, worn by a leggy lass is a fantasy that most men have. When you look at Katy wearing the star patterned tights it really looks like a fantasy come true.

Katy Perry in tank top: Showing of the midriff with a sweater or top with a pair of tight shorts is a look that
every teenager girl wants to have and it is a look that has ageless charm. When worn by Katy sporting her toned and taut midriff , we can understand the appeal of this look.

Katy Perry in the gold dress: Most actresses have worn the golden dress cut in many ways. Katy adds to the charms of this dress by wearing in off shoulder at about knee length showing off an ample amount of cleavage and her lovely legs. A double treat indeed!

Katy Perry in cute skirt: A cutesy skirt that comes mid thigh in an electric blue color with buttons running down the middle. Sounds good? Now imagine the delectable Katy in this outfit. Add a suitable top and the right shoes and you have an outfit that looks good for almost any occasion!