25 Most Beautiful Hand Clutch Bags

November 20th, 2014

25 Most Beautiful Hand Clutch Bags

Women love their bags and purses and give them as much importance as they would to any other accessory. Clutch purses are an important accessory as they are more for their decorative than the utility value. First of all you cannot fit much into it making it a poor utility based family need bag that you would normally lug around.They are like the glamorous purse that you need to carry just for the way they look. They add panache and help complete a great evening look. They are not as small as the wallets in which you tend to tuck in cash. But if you try to stuff more than a comb ( a tiny one), keys, lipstick, a mobile phone and a few other essentials you will find that the clutch purse has no more space and looks misshapen.

The clutch purses are known to have originated in the 1800s. Maybe the inspiration was drawn from the ornate reticules that women of society used to carry when wearing an evening gown. It is believed that clutch purses came back in vogue during the war when people where forced to user lesser materials due to shortage. This also affected the process of making purses apparently. Later on it became a fashion accessory that now even comes with a chain or ornate strap to hang on your shoulder instead of clutching it in your hands. You can also hold it stylishly close to your body as you would hold a book. You need to decide on the way you will carry it around based on how this works out

If you are thinking of buying a clutch purse then you will definitely find that there is a lot of choice in terms of the look and style of the purse. Depending on the way you go about doing things and the things that you like to carry with you, you can make your choice accordingly.


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