25 Different Hairstyle Of Emma Watson

25 Different Hairstyle Of Emma Watson

These are some Different Hairstyle Of Emma Watson. We have known her as a child artist when she started to play the role of Hermione in the Harry Potter movies at the tender age of ten. She is someone who has literally grown into a young woman right in the eyes of movie goers. As she grew Emma Watson’s hair has also gone through different changes and that too while being watched and critiqued by the public.

We have seen her first with the shoulder length wavy hair when she came into the movies. Later on she changed into a pixie cut after the first Harry Potter movie was finished. We can say Emma has gone through many fashion and style changes. Here are some of notable hairstyles:

  • Dainty and demure with her plaited back making her look younger than her actual age.
  • Seen with a hairstyle that had her hair at a longer length and it also seemed straighter
  • Looking a little more grown up with a ponytail and bangs that were swept to the side
  • Seen with curls that came up to her shoulder with a side parting
  • Hair swept back and pinned at the back along with a flower tucked into it
  • Hair that was left loose and wavy making it look natural
  • Hair pulled back in a deliberately messy manner so as to frame her face
  • Pony tail that was worn with a side parting
  • A Grecian hair style that was worn up and decorated with a band on her forehead
  • Loose hair pushed back casually with a black hair band
  • Hair gone blond with a wavy style
  • Blond hair scooped up into a pretty and cute hairdo
  • Straightened blond hair clipped on one side with a hairpin
  • Messy grown up style hairdo complete with smoky eyes
  • A debutante style hairstyle with a plaited braid running across the head
  • Sleek parted hair ponytail
  • Grungier looking hairstyle