25 Beautiful Girls Having Blond Hair With Blue Eyes

June 11th, 2013

25 Beautiful Girls Having Blond Hair With Blue Eyes

When we talk about guys and the way they seem to have a stereotype one cannot overlook the marked preference that guys seem to show for the girls having blond hair with blue eyes. Have you wondered why this is so?
Well, first of all this very definite but illogical preference leaves girls who do not have these characteristics feeling neglected. It also leaves them wondering this is so. I can think of several reasons. Some of them are given here:

  • It is all the talk that blonds have more fun. Believe it or not guys are drawn in by all the things that they perceive are cool. And having a fun girl on your arm can make your evening better
  • Guys tend to go for angelic types. Blond hair with blue eyes is what is attributed to all those heavenly creatures like angels, nymphs etc. From their childhood, men are led to believe in the magic of angels and add to this the notion that blonds are more fun. So they tend to fall for blonds more than they do for brunettes and redheads
  • Blonds do make a ethereal and pretty picture. This is not to say that girls who are not blond do not look good. But you all have to agree that all the golden hair does draw the eye, plus the blue eyes add to make the picture complete
  • Blonds are supposed to be ditzy. Don’t get me wrong, this is what people (read guys) believe. This means guys would believe that they have more of a chance with a blond girl, and that is why they are drawn to them.

What is more, when you talk to any guy and if he is honest he will tell you that he wants a girl because he wants to show her off. He believes by dating or going out with a blond girl with blue eyes he will become a hero among his mates.