10 of The Most Expensive Beauty Products In The World

October 24th, 2013

10 of The Most Expensive Beauty Products In The World

When it comes to beauty, who can put a price on the joy that beauty gives us? While this may be true for many things, apparently beauty is no longer limited to a naturally good looking face or a great body or even a combination of both. It is an industry that encourages and empowers women to look their best. With this objective in mind, many beauty products from the most affordable to the most expensive have come up. We are here to talk about beauty that costs and costs a lot. Keeping that in mind we give you some of the most expensive beauty products in the world.

The premier Kanebo Sensai collection is supposed to be made from and contain Koishimaru Silk a product that was reserved from Royalty from Japan among other things like Japanese Seaweed. This product is supposed to make you look younger and prevent the process of aging.

The Kiss Kiss Lipstick from Guerlain is another extravagance that comes in a case studded with diamonds and constructed of precious metals. You can pick the shade you like and they will deliver the lipstick in a fortnight.

Cellex C serum is something many stars swear by. This pricey product has even replaced the ubiquitous Botox that many celebrities swear by.

Luxury cream with Caviar – combine a costly jar which is hand crafted and studded with crystals (Swarovski no less) and filled with a cream that has one of the costliest ingredients – Caviar. What do you have? Luxury in a jar.

A bath in Evian with rose petals – A luxury spa located in South beach offers guests the option of soaking their entire bodies in Evian water along with rose petals. A costly cleansing indeed!

A nail lacquer that has gold and will shine like a diamond when applied. Sounds familiar? But this is literally true for the Nail polish by Gold Rush Couture. What is more the bottle itself will be worth the steep price.

Want to avoid the surgery but want to look young? Then the LIQUID SURGERY SERUM BY MBR is the answer to your prayers. With the best of research and many anti aging substances going into it many women swear by this elixir of youth.

To get that jewel like glow on yourself you will have to shell out the jewel like prices. For the right price you will be able to use Beauty products from Borba that actually have powdered rubies, diamonds and other precious substances in them. For a price that makes you glower you can really glitter.

Want to go to bed one night with rough hair and wake up the next morning with unbelievably silky hair? You can at a hefty price of course! Shell out the big bucks of Overnight Hair Repair by FREDERIC FEKKAI. This product has ingredients like ceramides from wheat, rice and extracts from edelweiss that will set your tresses aglow.

Want perfume to die for and so exclusive that even a bottle costs a bomb? Well in that case of get a vial of Clive Christian’s Imperial Majesty. With extracts of exotic flower, bergamot, essence of fragrant woods this scent comes in an 18 carat gold bottle with a five carat diamond on it.

From expensive creams to nail polishes to perfumes that will make you swoon, the beauty industry offers some really pricey products for those who can afford them. All you need to do to enjoy these items is open your purse and have a really robust heart!