60 Sexy Women Wearing High Heels

January 6th, 2018

60 Sexy Women Wearing High Heels

Heels have been a fashion statement as long as we know. A beautiful girl with long, slim legs wearing a pair of heels will be the envy of all other girls and the admiration of the guys. In a real sense high heels make legs look longer and sexier. You can be sure that a beautiful girl in a really short skirt sporting high heels is the sensual fantasy of every man. Flaunting off the sexiness with the glamorous Luau party inspired attires to be the Hawaiian Princess is what asks for a pair of sexy heeled footwear, isn’t it?

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To carry of a good pair of heels, it is not necessary for you to have long legs. As long as your legs are well toned and waxed properly, you can wear a pair of heels and totally rock the look. As far as heels are concerned, it is always believed that looks score over comfort. Make sure you pick a pair of killer stilettos over platform heels if you want the attention! Many Sexy Women Wearing High Heels and are known to make it look great to another level by adding toe cleavage. This is the cleavage that appears between the big toe and its neighbor. So the girls put on the heels to get a great look! Or maybe after going through this article, you would want some more inspirations and go through our sequel post – here.

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Fashion dictates some things and some things dictate fashion and heels fall under the latter category. No matter what the age of a lady, she will always draw some attention when she wear high heels. She will not only look tall but she will also carry herself tall and this apart from the way her legs look will draw the stares. You may have classic brogue shoes for men and women, and this could be very comfortable, but nothing can beat the sex appeal of the high heels. Even a simple pair of jeans will start looking different when you pair it with a pair of high heels.

Women Wearing High Heels

Eat , Sleep, Jeans, Repeat

Jeans are a woman’s best friend when it comes to clothing in style. The best thing about them is they look awesome when paired with the right pair of heels. Take out your boot cut jeans that’s been sitting in your closet for way too long and pumped it up by wearing pumps with thicker heels. A white casual tee with a pair of boyfriend jeans is comfortable and stylish. Wear a brown jacket over it and complete the look by donning your favorite pumps matching the colour of your bag.

Black Dress

A cut out little black dress, black cardigan and Maribela heels is perfect for a party. Carry a leather purse and paint your lips red. Add an alloy choker necklace and people would want to look at you just one more time every time. For a more casual and fun look, put on a short knee-length black dress and pair it with a full-sleeved denim shrug. What could be more perfect than a pair of long heeled black boots? Jazz it up a bit by wearing silver bangles and a grey infinity stole. Though, knowing these loopholes that could err your dressing up and look is one intelligent thing to do.

Sexy Shorts

Shorts are the trendsetter of summers. They are versatile and you can even wear them in winters. An adorable smocked crop top with white gladiator heels is like a breeze in the days of hot summers. A straw fedora hat will compliment your looks good but if you are not a fan of hats then go with a floral print stole. Flowers always works! Always. Don’t forget your sunglasses and handbag. Check out how these beautiful girls are experts at flaunting the high heels.

Party Skater Dress

You have to think out of the box when it comes to party. No one is going to judge if you show up in heels with a huge pearl on them. Show off your off elegant shoulder less skater dress with an equally elegant pair of golden pumps. Always go with low to medium height pumps as it gives you more height making you look elegant.


A short midi sundress looks great on anyone. Spice it up by wearing a biker jacket over it. Spring and gillie heels matches perfectly. But you know what, it is going to be really embarrassing if you walk feeling uncomfortable in your own shoes. You must see to what best you can do to wear the high heels comfortably. Get a white sundress, and a long lace shrug and be spring ready. Tie your hair into a loose ponytail, wear a white hair band and let your flicks play with your face. Don’t forget your chocolate lipstick.


Layer it up by wearing a trench coat of the same colour as your top paired with white pants and amplify your style. You can also create a contrast of colours by wearing a top and jacket of different colours but white heels remain the same because everything looks cute with white. Roll up the hem of your denim jeans pant and team up with a nice faux fur coat to be a winter swagger.

Crop Tops

A grey woollen crop top paired wide leg grey jeans. Carry a multi-coloured long jacket. How’s that sounds for the winter look? Try a long pair of silver earrings. For summers, try a short blue dress with a short laced black skirt and pair them with yellow stilettoes. Beautiful girls and high heels make me wanna try one such a stunning attire too.

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