50 Catchy and Attractive Bracelet Designs For Women

June 11th, 2013

50 Catchy and Attractive Bracelet Designs For Women

Today we can clearly see that the jewelry for women has really changed and the choices today are vast. This is so because not only have new trends hit the market but older trends have come back into vogue. One item of jewelry that has really hit the scene in a bit way is the Bracelet. This may due to the vast types and styles that they are available in.

  • Charm bracelets: These had been really popular in the past, with various charms hanging from a chain bracelet. You could keep on adding a new charm to mark a new occasion. Now you get beaded versions of this lovely bracelet where you can keep adding and removing charms as your mood demands
  • Beaded bracelets: Jewelry made with colorful beads is immensely popular as there is more choice and these are relatively affordable. Of course, there are some people who will only go for bracelets made of precious metals and this may turn out to be expensive. You do get more affordable ones with stones and crystals embedded in lac and other materials that add that extra flash to your ensemble.
  • Chunky Bracelets: You can go for the chunky bracelets or for absolutely dainty ones depending on the mood and the outfit. Many bracelets come in adjustable sizes to ensure that you can adjust according to the size. You also get stretchy bracelets that are easy to wear , economical to buy and look really good
  • Friendship bracelets: One more trend that has made a comeback. Made of woven twines in different colors with a dash of metal to add that extra sparkle these have become quite a rage.

When it comes to wrist jewelry like bracelets and bangles you can choose from a huge array of choices. You can wear a single bracelet or add 3-4 in either matching or contrasting colors to make your own fashion statement.

Here are Some Beautiful and Attractive Bracelet Designs For Women.