30 Beautiful Women Wearing Eyeliner

30 Beautiful Women Wearing Eyeliner

There has been poetry and many descriptions written about the eyes of women. Over time it has been agreed that a woman with beautiful eyes will always be fascinating no matter how plain the rest of her is. It is true; a woman’s eyes do offer you an insight into her heart, her mind and her true character. Is it any wonder then that women over the years have been playing up this feature with things like kohl, kajal, mascara and eyeliner? Eyeliners are used to outline the eyes in such a way that the eyes of the woman wearing it would look even better.

Known to have had its origins in the Middle East this item of makeup is an important part of the arsenal for a woman who wants to make the most of her eyes. When used properly eyeliner can make small eyes look larger. It can also be used to make large eyes look slightly smaller. You can play with the color of eyeliners to go with the outfit you are wearing. It can be contrasted or matched depending on the look and mood you are hoping to set.

What is more different ways of applying eyeliner can make your eyes look more exotic or even add the look of an innocent ingénue to your face? Women have known to use eyeliner in many forms it comes in liquid, powder and pencil form. Many leading cosmetic companies provide a wide range of choice in eyeliners so that women can pick the one they want.
Applying eyeliner especially on the edge of your eyelid near the lashes is a skill that comes with practice. If you are using eyeliner the first time, you are better advised to practice it and have a Q tip soaked in cleansing lotion handy to make the repairs. Once you have it down you will be a woman with lovely eyes!

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