25 Simple and Beautiful Examples of Formal Wears for Office Women

December 31st, 2017

25 Simple and Beautiful Examples of Formal Wears for Office Women

Having a job is a whole new aspect where you enter the phase of ‘responsible adult’ in your life. Your professional world is entirely different from your personal life. In the modern working world, how you present yourself plays a key role. Whether you like it or not, it’s true that in a job involving you to interact with people face to face on a daily basis, you do need to dress to impress. Dressing up formally for your work might differ from place to place but the motive of projecting a professional image of you and your company is the same. If you do not want your dressing sense falling under ‘What never to wear’ take a quick look at these eight dressing rules and Simple and Beautiful Examples of Formal Wears for Office Women to be the lady boss.

Women is formal wear is something that this generation has gotten used to. Plus, the choices in as far as office and formal wear for women is concerned, there is plenty to pick from. It is not as if you have to restrict yourself to unflattering colors or badly cut suits when you go to office. All that you need to remember is that you need to follow some simple guidelines. For a better idea you can look at shirts that women wear and learn more about this. The fact is all you need to think of is what you expect in terms of how you want others around you to turn out when you go to an office.

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Formal Business Attire

For a high-profile job which requires you to dress formally twenty-four seven wearing matching pants and jacket is a safe bet. For men, a button-up collared shirt paired with a tie is good to go. For women, a dress pant or skirt with matching jacket that may be ¾ length or short sleeve is appropriate. A crop pantsuit can also work only if the hem of the pant hits mid-calf. Staying comfortable and looking good while you are leading your a presentation at work is really important for maintaining a good professional image.

Consider the Mood and Event while Dressing

Neutral colours works best for business casual. For men, a button-down cotton shirts especially in white works. Oxford, plaid, and poplin are equally acceptable. For women, go for blouses, plain shirts, cotton shirts, or sleeveless shirts. Formal attires changes according to the seasons. For summers, go for linen, seersucker, and madras cloth. White linen fabrics are used a lot in summers. Cardigan and a pair of leggings can be worn in winters. Even if you are dressing for work doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Try these business casual work outfits inspiration and make heads turn.

Here are certain factor to be kept in mind while dressing up for work

  • Avoid high slit and low-cut dresses.
  • Avoid dresses that are too skin tight.
  • Use a collared shirt.
  • Neutral colors always work.
  • No ripped or boyfriend jeans.
  • Be minimalist while choosing jewelry and accessories.
  • Keep it light with makeup.

If It Fits It’s A Hit

No matter what your company’s policy related to dress code is make sure the clothes you wear fits you perfectly. There could be nothing more embarrassing than you being called out as unprofessional. You cannot afford your shirt to be hanging loose on your shoulders or a tie hanging midway. Well, there are ways to wear casuals as formals that you can read here!

The Suit That Suits You

The first image that comes to our mind while thinking about dressing up formally is a shirt and pant. Tuck in your plain shirt and pair them with khakis. Women too can have some fun by pairing a knee length black skirt with a silky blouse and heels. If you’re looking for a change go for a charcoal colored work dress.

Tone it Down a Bit

Your shirt’s bright colour crying desperately for attention won’t work in your favour. Choose subtle colours, even if you think it’s something you would never wear when attending a family event or just hanging out with friends. But you’ve still got the power to play with shades. If you are a fan of blue, go with light blue or if you like pink go with baby pink.

Minimalistic Mantra

Keep the word ‘minimalistic’ in mind while choosing jewellery and accessories. Avoid wearing a long necklace and too much makeup to keep it professional. Watch is the accessory most the people notice. Watch with interchangeable straps can be the breath of fresh air.

The Shoe To Woo

Never underestimate the power of your footwear. They complete your look by adding a finishing touch. It also compliments your attire. You can’t go to work wearing in your sports shoes thinking who’s gonna notice? But it doesn’t mean you are stuck your black shiny shoes. Experiment with dress shoes, flats, and even boots.

Bag It

Carry an appropriate bag to add style to your overall look. Make sure your bag fits all your stuff, if it has a zipper and compartment then it’s going to work for your benefit. Who wants to see random things popping out of their colleague’s bag? 

Formal wear is always considered staid, boring and conservative. But when it comes to formal wear for women it can go beyond the mere official attire. You can project feminine appeal along with a powerful look by simply picking the right outfit for formal occasions. Pick just perfect ponytail hairstyle and make the professional attire classier.

Here is what would be considered formal wear for women:

  • The pant suit: This is essentially a pair of pants along with a matching jacket. For formal wear, normally pant suits are made in darker colors and colors that are more muted. You can add your own style to the pantsuit by wearing it with a simple blouse or bustier or even with a lacy camisole.
  • The skirt suit: This simply comprises a pencil slim skirt along with a jacket to match. The skirt style and the length of the skirt can vary to include boxy pleats, straight cut and lengths include above the knee, below the knee and up to the ankle. This suit too can be personalized by wearing different tops underneath the jacket or can be made colorful with a scarf or a bow tie.
  • A formal dress: A simple A line or simple dress without flounces or big floral designs with buttons down the front in different materials can be considered formal wear. This can be paired with scarf or cap to finish the ensemble
  • Skirt or pant with formal top: For warmer climates, you can do away with the jacket and go with a tailored blouse and top it of with a colorful scarf to complete the look. This can be combined with a formal pair of trousers or skirt.


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