20 Pictures of Emma Watson Wearing Stylish Outfits

June 11th, 2013

20 Pictures of Emma Watson Wearing Stylish Outfits

It seems like only yesterday that we saw her as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter. This young lady has blossomed from the rather young waif she was to a teenager and finally on to winsome and lissome lass right before our eyes.

With her innocent good looks Emma can carry off any outfit she wears due to her small build and a face that hovers between charmingly between a girl and woman.

Here are some outfits she is seen wearing:
Emma in leggings and tops: This seems to be the uniform of the youth and she wears it really well with her slight build and youthful looks. Combined with different tops , skirts and combinations this outfit has been used to fit in with both casual and formal occasions.

Emma wearing Jeans: Dressed casually in a pair of jeans with a white shirt, Emma epitomizes youth and that particular charm that youth has. She has accessorized it with a nice belt, watch and a bag.

Emma wearing a white short dress: In this short white dress she looks really stunning. Combined with her brunette hair which she is wearing in a swept up hairdo, Emma looks very much like a proper young lady stepping out for an evening out.

Emma wearing an evening gown: Though the entire outfit is lovely and the hair style, the makeup, the accessories that Emma is wearing with her evening gown are well coordinated, there is something off about the look. Maybe Emma is too young to carry of such a grown up look?