10 Tips for Healthy and Luscious hair

10 Tips for Healthy and Luscious hair

We all would love to have hair that is long, thick and brimming with health. In fact it is one of the things that attract guys to girls. With actresses like Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston showing of their tresses, the longing for long hair has increased. But the thing about hair is the longer it is the more difficult it is to maintain. Often we find that long hair ends up dry, damaged and prone to split ends. This means thinning of hair and breakage.

Here are some tips to ensure the health of your hair and boost its growth:

  • What you eat matters a lot to the health of your hair. Starvation or fad diets will leave a mark on your hair making it thin and weak. You should try and eat good food which provides a balance of nuts, fruits, vegetables and seeds. You need to stock up on food that is rich in biotin or vitamin B7, Zinc and magnesium.
  • Reduce damage to hair by avoiding treatments that can harm it. Another thing that you need to do is cut of hair that is damaged and has slit ends. This is important because split ends will move upwards causing the hair to look bad and become damaged. To have good hair, you need to begin the process with hair that is not damaged. Ensure that the use of chemicals for perming or coloring is avoided. Instead go for Henna that will help strengthen your hair. But on the other hand, henna can make your hair dry so may not be suitable for all hair types.

Tips to ensure that damage is minimized include:

  • Not using plastic combs or rubber bands that pull your hair
  • Do not apply heat in the form of curling irons or hair straighteners
  • Brushes can be harmful; you are better off with a comb that has widely spaced teeth
  • Rubbing hair when it is wet with a towel should be avoided
  • Do not go in for hair extensions as these damage natural hair, especially when they are being removed
  • Do not tease or back comb your hair as it tangles and breaks hair
  • Tight ponytails and braids will cause erosion of hair line and breakage respectively. Avoid these
  • Exposing your hair to salty water or chlorine should be minimized

Tips on washing hair to avoid harm

How to Wash Hair to Avoid Damage
Always rinse your hair after shampooing thoroughly for at least three minutes. This is to ensure that no residue of shampoo remains on your hair causing itchy and flaky scalp. Once you are done washing, please do not rub or tug at hair.

 Comb gently with a comb that has wide teeth to detangle hair. Treat hair with the care you would provide an expensive and delicate garment.

If you have curls or extremely dry hair, you can soften them up by washing with only the conditioner. This means that there is no stripping of natural oils from your hair leaving it soft and silky. Of course this is only possible when hair is relatively clean. Wash your hair with cold water to make the cuticle lie flat and add shine. This also minimizes chances of breakage. Conditioning is essential. Adjust frequency according to type of hair. Dry hair requires more conditioning than oily hair.

These are tips to ensure that your hair is in good condition and this in turn will encourage and speed up hair growth. Ensure that you care for hair from within as well as externally.