10 Important Guidelines for Managing Stress

June 11th, 2013

10 Important Guidelines for Managing Stress

Reasons for getting stressed: Stress becomes part of life when we feel that something is not right and we start concentrating on that all the time. This occurs when you are handling many things at once and finding it a bit difficult to do so. The fact is tension is a natural part of life. It is just that you need to recognize when it is the usual amount of stress resulting from normal situations and when it becomes too much for you to deal with.

Learning to read the signs of tension: Many a time we can easily identify the fact that we are stressed and is also easy to see why. In these situations you can work towards removing the cause and finding the way out. But the situations where we do not acknowledge that we are stressed are the ones that can be dangerous.

Here are some symptoms or alarm signals that will trigger off:

  • Severe pain in the head
  • Excessive perspiration
  • Sweaty palms
  • Cramps in the stomach
  • Feeling of giddiness and vomiting sensation
  • Blanking out or getting confused
  • Feeling the need to be away from others
  • Eating too much or not feeling like eating at all
  • Poor quality sleep or excess sleeping
  • Feeling low
  • Losing your temper often
  • Confused thinking
  • Increased heart beats

The above give signs are indicative, there could be a lot more that are associated with stress, depending on the individual and their traits.

Removing tension
You have taken the first step of accepting that you are stressed, now start working towards managing it.

Move away
If you are facing something that you do not like and it is causing you to tense up then the best thing to do is move away from the situation. You have to naturally consider whether you can move away or not before doing it.

Break away from the situation
If you feel that the circumstances are beyond your capacity to handle them then moving away to take a break can help. This way you will come back with a fresher mind and will be able to handle things in a better manner

Go for a stroll
You can also do this than take a big break, especially the situation is such that you cannot afford a long break. A good stroll will make your body feel brisker and your mind will be helped by the endorphins that come from physical efforts. The additional benefit is you will think in a clearer manner

Pour your heart out
They say sharing your woes makes them lighter and it is true! It really helps you to say things aloud even if you feel the other person may not comprehend what you are saying. Hearing yourself say the words out will clarify your thinking process

Scribble it out
When things are overwhelming you, writing it down helps. You can see things as per their priority and you can plan better. Alternately it may show you that you were wrong to be stressed about this situation.

Have some fun
The best stress buster is to do something that pleases you or amuses you. Your mind will simply focus on the new activity and you will find yourself relaxed.

Manage your schedule better
Sometimes the key to managing stress is simple and efficient time management. Simply set a time for all the tasks and discipline yourself to follow it. Make sure you mark the tasks that are vital and make them top priority

Don’t find excuses
We often use our work lives and personal responsibilities as an excuse not to have fun. Stop doing that and enjoy the occasional break or crazy activity you like to manage stress better.