A Basic Indian Bridal Makeup Guide: Best and Easy

October 24th, 2013

A Basic Indian Bridal Makeup Guide: Best and Easy

 Indian Bridal Makeup Guide
 Indian Bridal Makeup Guide

Basic Indian Bridal Makeup Guide: When it comes to how Indian Brides adorn themselves we all know that the outfit and the makeup are usually intricate than what is used by brides from other places in the world. Indian Brides tend to sparkle with the royal attire and lovely jewelry. Of necessity the makeup on her face has to match up with the sheer splendor of her dress and jewelry. We give below some tips for great makeup on the day of your wedding which will make you look good and feel comfortable.

Organize Things around you
Since the day of your marriage is one of the most important in your life, you need to know that you are looking great. This means starting the preparations well before the actual date to make sure that you are not under any strain on that day. Make sure that you have a trial of the makeup almost a month is advance to the D day. This way you can experiment and refine the look to go perfectly with your looks, your attire and the accessories.

Grooming routines such a removal of hair on body and face can be done the week before the marriage ceremony. This way you are safe from unsightly rashes or lumps that may occur due to this process. The day of the marriage prepare your skin gently by cleansing it with a very mild lotion. Rubbing ice on the areas like face and neck where the makeup has to go on will help it stay sweat free for a longer time.

Creating a foundation for Makeup
We all know that foundation is an essential part of good makeup. You can pick a shade that is closest to your complexion to avoid a patchy and pale look. In spite of well meaning friends trying to influence, please do not try to look fairer than you are for your wedding, you will look very artificial and odd. Ensure that you are applying foundation properly in even strokes on all the contours of your face and neck.
Adorning the eyes

Indian women are renowned for their lovely and expressive eyes, which express our reticent yet sensual nature . While picking out eye makeup do not go overboard with bright shades. It is better to go for eye shadow in neutral shade with a duller finish rather than shiny finishes. This will highlight the loveliness of your eyes without looking garish. Make sure your eye makeup does not clash with the outfit that you are going to wear. Thick Kajal around your eyes will throw the brightness of the eyes into relief. Be sure to play up the lashes with a good sweep of mascara. Make sure it is not clumpy.

Highlight those lovely lips
As a matter of tradition Indian brides are supposed to wear reds or shades of red. This means your choice of lipsticks will also be restricted to this shade. Maybe you can throw in some brown, orange or brown along with the basic shades of red and maroon. Any way you do not want to experiment with off the wall colors on the day of your marriage.

You want perfect lips; to do that ensure you have a lip liner in a matching shade to outline them and keep the lipstick on for longer. If you are blessed with thin looking lips go with a lighter hue to make them appear larger and if you are blessed with thicker lips then you should be opting for darker hues. Get a slick and shiny look by applying some gloss on those lips!

Adornment for your Forehead
No Indian bride’s adornment is complete without adorning her forehead. The choice ranges from sparkles, beads, bindis or paste made from sandal wood. Mostly you would be better off keeping it simple as you are going for the whole hog in terms of attire, jewelry etc.

Make sure that your overall look is such that eyes are drawn to you and stay there in admiration for the way you look. It is your day and you should be the center of attraction by subtly but surely enhancing every aspect of your looks and for this you have to work at making everything work well together. It is important to stifle the urge to go overboard for the right result.