6 Ways to Get Your Ex Back Again in Your Life

June 11th, 2013

6 Ways to Get Your Ex Back Again in Your Life

Get Your Ex Back Again in Your Life
Get Your Ex Back Again in Your Life

Yes, There are many ways to Get Your Ex Back Again in Your Life. When we heard about how Rihanna and Chris Brown got back together, we were not actually overcome with joy, but we do have to agree that they did work for it. If you too are looking to get back with the ex, then you need to go through and adopt the plan given here. Half a dozen steps to help you try a hand at your love affair again.

Let us take a step back and study how Rihanna and Chris Brown got back got back together. They were spotted at several events together looking hot and happening. When Rihanna was asked about this she said she still has feelings for Chris and Chris reportedly said that he broke up with his girlfriend so that he would not hurt Rihanna.

All of us really understand at some level the pull that we feel from the one love that got away from us. To endorse this feeling, getting back with ex seems to be the trend of the hour. Check out updates on social networking sites, and you will really get what we are saying. Diana Kirschner, PhD, writer who published “Love in 90 Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Lov” offers some insights of how to look at the past and if you still feel it is worth it, how to have a delightful and sensual get together.

1. Prior to getting in touch with your ex, ask yourself these two vital things. The foremost one being, do you still feel something for him or are you just frustrated with being on your own? Do not revisit your past if you are not certain about your feelings. The next question you need to ask is if your association with your ex was on the level. We always tend to remember the good things and gloss over the unsavory stuff when it comes to our lost loves. Ensure that you have done a realistic and proper evaluation of your relationship so that you can sidestep any pitfalls.

2. Positive answers to both queries should mean you can proceed. Begin with a very superficial contact to get a general feel of things. You can casually mention that you came across something about him on a social networking site. The way he responds will throw light on his feelings. If he is cold and dismissive then you know there is less hope and if his response is warm then you can take it as a positive sign. After this initial step, you can start thinking of how you will take things further.

3. Find out if he is involved without anyone before considering the possibility of a date. Some guys are not open or explicit about whether they are involved with anyone or not in social bookmarking sites. You can browse through pictures and updates on his page to glean whether there is a girl in the picture. Or you can do some detective work by talking to mutual acquaintances and colleagues. You can bring this topic up as part of the general conversation.

4. Positive vibes till now? Then bring up the possibility of meeting up casually. You have to make it sound very matter of fact and casual so that you do not reveal all that you feel before you know how he feels. You may even bring up the possibility of going to one of your favorite hangouts from the past. This will help bring out old feelings and emotions of times that you shared in the past.

5. When you meet, make sure to bring up cute and loving memories of your shared past. This will help bring forth a recap of what you guys had together. Try for a few casual points of physical contact; his response to your overtures can tell you a lot. A warm and comfortable reception to such contact can signal his interest.

6. A little caution before you proceed. While all this moving forward is good, look back on the reasons that things fell apart the last time around. Find out if the reasons still apply and whether you can live with them. Be sure in your mind about the viability of the relationship and always listen to your instincts.