10 Points to Consider while Dressing up for a Funeral

June 11th, 2013

10 Points to Consider while Dressing up for a Funeral

Dressing up for a Funeral

Dressing up for a Funeral is completely different than getting ready for any other occasion. We all know that each social occasion has its own dress code and while this is not engraved in stone, we do need to follow these guidelines so that we are accepted as part of society, we do not hurt others’ feelings and most of all feel comfortable. Of all the social occasions that we dress up for, the one that most confuses us is a funeral. We all know that funerals are fraught with tension and grief and it is vital that we turn up looking acceptable. This applies to all; men, women and children. The objective is to dress in such a way that we do not offend the people closest to the deceased and at the same time maintain the decorum that the situation demands.

5 ways to dress for men:

  • When dressing for a funeral, remember sloppy casuals like faded jeans and fitted T shirts are a big no no.
  • You are better advised to pick a relatively somber suit in black, gray, navy blue or in worst case scenario a brown one
  • Do not wear accessories like quirky ties or ornate belts with the suit as this will be considered less than respectful
  • You can pair the dark suit or trousers (in case it is hot) with a lighter hued shirt; preferably cream or white or gray
  • Make sure that you have on a dark colored pair of formal shoes with dull colored socks.

5 ways to dress for women:

  • You are mostly needed to wear a black dress for funerals if you have a suitable one. But if your black dress happens to be the slinky black dress that you bring out for parties, please avoid that
  • You can alternately chose a dress that is somber in color, with a higher neckline and long sleeves. A gray or dull brown outfit would be preferable
  • In case you do not own a suitable dress in any of these colors go for a pair of dark trousers and team this up with a simple white, cream or some other neutral shaded blouse.
  • Make sure that shoes do not have baubles, glitter or any other frivolous adornments. Keep jewelry simple and non-fussy
  • Makeup should be kept to the bare minimum to ensure that you do not draw any undue attention to yourself.

5 ways to dress children:

  • Dress little girls in frocks that are duller in color. It need not necessarily be black but choose simple A line frocks with no fussy bows and lace on them
  • Simple button down shoes or sandals would be preferred rather than those shoes that glitter or make squeaky noises when children walk
  • Little boys can wear a simple pair of shorts or trousers in a dark color along with a buttoned shirt. Do not go for a little suit as this will make children uncomfortable and fidgety
  • Shoes have to be formal and limited to colors like black, brown, gray or navy blue
  • If the climate demands you can cover the head of the child with a dark colored cap or scarf to keep them warm.

As you can see funerals are occasions where you are expected to be there to support the bereaved and not stand out. You need to ensure that your attire reflects the somberness of the occasion and shows you in the light of someone who sympathizes with them and will be there if they need a shoulder to cry on. You also need to consider practical aspects of a funeral like the amount of walking you need to do or the other arrangements you may be called upon to help out with, while picking out your outfit.