10 Best Aftercare Tips for Nose Piercing

10 Best Aftercare Tips for Nose Piercing

Aftercare Tips for Nose Piercing
Aftercare Tips for Nose Piercing

Read carefully about Aftercare Tips for Nose Piercing: What do the mystic Indian Goddess of wealth and a queen of entertainment have in common? Well, both of them are beautiful women who sport a piercing on their nose! You can really look hot and stylish with one too, but you need to exercise some caution. With good care, the whole period of healing, which can last for 4-6 weeks can be really simple. When you approach a reputed piercer they will tell you how to do it. But here we will take you through the process.

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Levels of nose piercing care:

Level 1 – Preparation

  • You need to be prepared for the nose piercing by ensuring that sporting one is actually allowed at your place of work or business. Otherwise removing it for long periods of time will hinder the process of healing and may also make the hole fill up and close.
  • The next thing you need to do is go to a standard piercer; one who uses hygienic and proper precautions while piercing an area as sensitive as the nasal area. Resist the urge to get it done at the first place you find.

Level 2 – Taking care of the pierced area

  • Take care to inculcate all the rules of cleanliness and this means cleaning your hands before touching the pierced area.
  • Ensure that you are cleaning the area that is pierced twice a day with a saline solution and Q tips
  • Do not fiddle with the stud or ring on the pierced area as this may cause the area to be dirty and infected
  • Go easy on your cosmetics as the components in your makeup may react with the pierced area adversely. What is more cleansing with lotions and astringents may not be advisable.
  • It is better that you leave on your original piercing for a while or at least till you are sure that it is totally healed, before replacing it with another piece of jewelry.
  • Manage any bumps, rashes or raised skin around the pierced area with care and caution. You may encounter: Pus or fluid collections, granulomas or even keloids.
  • Check to see what kind of skin problem that you are having around the pierced area. Do not try to burst it or squeeze it open as it may worsen the condition. Carefully try fomentation by gently applying heat and this may take care of the problem. If you feel Keloids are the issue, a dab of Vitamin E oil or lavender oil should do the trick. If things look worse, then you are better off with a skin care expert.

General Hints:

  1. While a piercing can perk up your looks remember that it requires some care to ensure proper healing without any contamination
  2. We tend to overlook the nasal area in case of piercings, which can be dangerous. What is more the cleaning process is not that complicated; all you need to do is invest in some cotton buds, which are quite economical.
  3. Once your pierced area is completely healed, you still need to focus on keeping it clean. Simply dip a q tip in warm water to clean out the area
  4. The nose ring or stud has the tendency to get stuck on many things. Exercise due caution to prevent this from happening.
  5. Always ensure that hands are clean while dealing with this area. Take care to use different ends of cotton bud for cleaning the top and bottom side of the pierced area.
  6. Ensure that you discard all used q tips at once to ensure that there is no contamination and make sure that you clean the area at least twice everyday.