Rules of Colour Matching for Clothing and What Looks Good on You

June 11th, 2013

Rules of Colour Matching for Clothing and What Looks Good on You

When you are picking out clothing, people are prone to get confused on what hues work together and often seek directions on this. Some fashion stylists who guide people on what they should wear, do so based on the complexion of the person who is seeking the inputs. According to So Stylist that is a very drab idea and you should wear the colors that you like or feel like or those that reflect the true you.

There are not many firm principles for fashion as far as picking the right hues in clothing is concerned. Some would even say that rules are meant to be bent to you whims and for making the most of your body type. In any case, this column seeks to give you some loose guidelines for those who are novices in this regard. Follow these and you won’t be caught on the wrong foot:

The first thing to do is study the colors and their categories:

Natural Hues:

Cool hues
Shades of blue like violet, lilac etc

Warm hues
Pink and other related shades

Warm neutrals

Now let us see how this theory affects the hues that work in combination

Complementary hues
Somewhat of a misnomer, complementary hues are on the opposite side of the color spectrum. Another thing is that you should not take the term to mean that wearing this colors together will flatter you. What it means is that these hues complement the other and tend to make the other look good. These sort of combinations work to make you stand out and cannot work for an elegant look.

Wearing Complementary Hues
You cannot attempt these combinations unless you are the kind of person who is very sure of herself. If you are not, you can tone it down by ensuring that one of colors is of lighter shade to the other one. You can match jade color with a lighter rose color.

Analogous Colors
These are hues that follow each other on the color palette. Being akin to each other, they can be soothing and pleasing to look at and make a very pleasant sort of blend for an attire.

Wearing Analogous Colors:
Do not add more than three analogous colors to you attire. Limiting it two colors and adding a neutral will really ensure a pleasing look.

Color combinations that never let you down. (keep in view the combinations from the color wheel

• 2 hues and 1 neutral e.g. green, yellow and white
• 1 hues and 1 neutral e.g. black and red
• 1 hues and 2 neutrals e.g. purple, black and grey
• 2 or 3 neutrals e.g. black and white
• 2 or 3 warm neutrals e.g. brown and cream

• 1 pattern and 1 or 2 plain neutrals
• 1 pattern and 1 plain colour from within the pattern
• 1 pattern, 1 neutral and 1 plain colour from within the pattern

Simple guidance on hues that work
In case you are dressed in two pieces of clothing or more of similar hue then ensure that they match exactly or are of really different shades. Almost matching but not quite does not work. It looks like the colors have faded or as if they are a mismatch.

If your entire attire is black, wearing brown footwear is a bad idea. It is very difficult to combine these two without making it look bad. If you do want to get away with this combination you have to add other things like belt, hair accessories etc to make it look good.

Warm neutrals come out well when combined and make a fashion statement in the fall or autumn. But you cannot mix with warm hues like red, pink etc. You would be better off teaming them with cool colors like aqua or jade.

A tiny bit of warm hue in a cool color combination will make the whole outfit interesting. Example: A blue dress with a red scarf

Overdoing it with pastel shades can make an outfit looks insipid. Combine a pastel shade with a neutral or a darker version of the same color. (A dark pink skirt with a pale pink top)

Limit yourself to one print or design per outfit
Maximum of 3 hues per dress is the upper limit. The exception is when the print is in another color
Mixing Black and Navy blue does not work
Mixing cream and while does not work
Mixing brown and grey does not work