11 Popular 1960s Fashion Trends For Women

December 11th, 2017

11 Popular 1960s Fashion Trends For Women

1960s Fashion Trends For Women
1960s Fashion Trends For Women

1960s Fashion Trends were actually thrilling. It was a period of change and there were two distinct camps as far as fashion trends were concerned. One school of dressing favored the tailored look and more of formal clothing. Apart from the pillbox hat ladies favored severe tailored suits with boxy jackets. For the less than formal occasions there was the simple shift dress made up with designs that looked more like geometrical squiggles than anything else. These entire where trimmed with huge cloth covered buttons.

For the more daring loose and hip minded there was the hippie style of dressing. Blue jeans coupled with T shirts mostly tie-dyed with psychedelic colors with plenty of beads and feathers thrown in it had the youngsters held in its thrall. The hairstyles matched the outfits people wore to the most extravagant and stiff bouffant to the loose and long hair.

Headbands with feathers along with tight curls: The curlier the hair, the better. We will start from the top covering hairstyles and the hair adornments. Curly hair was in and that too the more the merrier. This sort of hair was kept in place with the kind of hair band that had an Indian look. A band on the forehead embellished with what else? A feather

Beads were in and that too how: Another thing that found its place in the way people dressed was the use of beads and that too not only around the neck but on other places too. This could include wrists and even on the clothing.

Bright, colorful and psychedelic combinations: Designs were colorful and the most outrageous of color combinations were the order of the day. The brightest of colors would combine together, never mind that they clashed and that too really badly. The brighter and eye numbing the better.

Your collar had to wide to be cool: Men and women both favored really wide collars. The wider collar you had on your shirt the more with it you were. With the tip really pointy at the end of a broad and stiff collar, this style would have made us giggle if anyone wore it now.

Huge medallions worn with big chains: Another fashion statement was for women to wear really big and noticeable medallions hanging from a long chain. These could have messages or could be just used to make a fashion statement

Leather and that too with fringes: The look also incorporated healthy doses of leather worn as jackets or as bolero jackets trimmed with great bits of fringe was a big fashion must. That is if you wanted to look fashionable!

Embroidered and embellished it is: Of course when you have psychedelic colors, beads, wide collars, leather with fringes and medallions, can embellishments with embroidery be far behind. Cuffs and collars and everything else had colorful embroidery.

Start belting it up: Moving further down in our 1960s fashion trends, we cannot overlook belts. Belts were not just for holding up skirts and pants, they were part of fashion. Used to cinch up the waist they were a bona fide fashion accessory!

Skirting the issue: Skirts and that too above the knee had made a comeback in the 1960s. Not only did you save money and cloth with the shorter skirts, but you got to show off your legs too. What else can a woman ask for?

Chaining it all together: What else do you need to finish the look of feathers, colors, leather, beads and embroidery? Why, a chain and that too not around the neck but as an embellishment to your skirt.

Make a bold stand with your legs: The skirt had climbed up; this was the case with the formal tailored look as well as with the cooler casual look. There was nothing else to do but boldly dress up you leg in nice shoes.

Let us boot it up: If you did not go in for the nice shoe look, then you obviously will be going the boot way. That was the best way to round out your bold and beautiful look.

We can all agree that fashion trends in the 1960s may seem a little over the top and weird to youngsters of today, but it really was the swinging sixties!