Use Fashion To Make Your Own Style Statement!

December 11th, 2017

Use Fashion To Make Your Own Style Statement!

Fashion today is definitely not what it used to be in the earlier days. We can all agree that fashion as we know it is certainly better, but the fact is that it is evolving on a daily basis and nobody can keep up with all the latest trends. Many of us do try and most of the times end up with disastrous results.

The thing to remember is that fashion is something that only works when it goes with your style. Well, the question is what is style? Many have defined it as something intangible that sets you apart. We will try to decipher what is style and how you can choose the right fashion trends to go with it:

A style can simply be defined as something that is uniquely you. It could be as traditional as wearing a well-starched cotton sari elegantly or even a pair of good jeans with a simple kurta, as long as it suits you. You need to pick a style that is based on the following factors:

  • Your looks: Looks have a definite influence on the style you choose. It is important to pick a style that goes with your looks. If you are basically blessed with typical “Indian” looks then going for a blatant western look will not work. You could however use latest fashions to come up with an indo-western look to create a style statement.
  • Your physique: Fashion does not necessary cater to all body types. But when you choose a style you need to consider your body type. This way you can go with the latest fashion trends that do suit your body type.
  • Maintenance: Some fashion trends do require a lot of maintenance. You need to be realistic about how much maintenance that adopting the latest fashion would need and whether you are ready to go with it. If you are the kind of gal that is easy going on such things, then such fashion trends are best ignored.
  • Lifestyle: Your lifestyle also dictates the style statement you wish to make and the fashions you want to try. If your career/ lifestyle calls for a formal dress code, then you need to choose fashions accordingly. If your lifestyle calls for more casual dressing, then you need to pick fashions accordingly.
  •  Limitations: This is more to do with your environment and the kind of restrictions that are imposed on you. You may belong to a very conservative family and probably fashion that exposes a lot of skin would be out of question. You definitely need to pick a style and the fashion that goes with it based on this factor.
  •  Budget: I have put this point last as it happens to be one of the prime factors. Having a certain style and adopting latest fashion needs money and you need to certainly look at this aspect carefully while deciding on style and fashion.

These are just some points that you need to think about while picking the right fashion to make your own style statement. Having said that I would also like to reiterate that style and fashion only work when you carry it with confidence, so do not ignore the comfort factor when you are making your choices. Over and above all these factors do not be afraid to experiment to come up with an individual look that defines you the best.