Easy Ways to Make High Heels More Comfortable

June 11th, 2013

Easy Ways to Make High Heels More Comfortable

Do you love high heels? Of course you do, that’s why you are here. But, it is also a fact that high heels can be one heck to spoil your mood. You can’t enjoy the moment because your feet feels like it about to fall and your heels are killing you and suddenly your man ask you for the dance. Damn! your party is ruined.

But, If you know how tackle with the pain then having a pair of high heels could be better than anything. Some preparations and few precautions can make them comfortable. I am discussing a few of them I have learned during my college days and If you know some other ways then please share with us. 

Make Your Heel More Comfortable:  

  • It is better to break your new shoes by wearing them around the house.
  • New sandals can cause blistering so, always carry a pack of band aids in your bag for any emergency.
  • Another issue is the sweating and moisture, it may lead to friction and cause blistering. So, you should use antiperspirant on you feet. 
  • Don’t forget to relax your feet by dipping them in warm water. Moisturizing always help to check the cracked feet.   


BONUS: This may look a bit surprising but giving it a try doesn’t cost you anything

If you tape your 3rd and 4th little toes, in a way to keep them together then it can provide you a better experience with high heels. 

Hope you have seen many peoples to tie their head during headache and that simply works. And this method is quit similar. Science says there are nerve splitsat the base of the 3rd & 4th toes which causes the pain, mainly at the balls of your feet. 

You can use medical tape or surgical tape, plastic tapes or scotch tapes gets heated so it may cause itching between the fingers.